Corona Virus (Covid-19) Antigen Rapid Test


(Colloidal Gold) Saliva 20 test per box

หมวดหมู่ : HOYOTEK


❒  Hoyotek Antigen Rapid Test : Saliva 
  Copyright from Sweden
  Check for infection with saliva
No poking  No piercing ✘ No pain
Pass FDA Home use No. T6400149 (No. 18)
World-class standards (ISO, CE, SGS, FDA, Bfarm, EC REP, FINDX and PEI (member of WHO))
sensitivity 98% Specificity 100%, highest accuracy on the market
Lab results from Ramathibodi Hospital
Covers all mutants species of COVID-19
Know the result within 15 minutes
No fear of infection / inflammation or pain in the nasal cavity.
Advantages of saliva testing
✘ No risk of swab too deep  or stabbing the wood in the wrong position
 Easy to collect samples, just spit


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